North Apollo Borough Council has set the schedule of meetings for the year 2024:
      Tuesday, January 2*          
Monday, May 6          Monday, September 9**
      Monday, February 5           Monday, June 3          Monday, October 7
      Monday, March 4               Monday, July 1         Monday, November 4
      Monday, April 1                  Monday, August 5        Monday, December 2

All meetings are on the first Monday of the month, except forTuesday January 2*, which is the date for the required reorganization meeting . Also, September 9**, which is the second Monday due to & the Labor Day holiday on the first Monday. Meetings will be held at 6:00pm in the conference room of the Borough Building, 1421 Leonard  Ave., North Apollo, PA. Meetings are open to the public, and all reasonable effort will be made to accommodate those with special needs. Please contact the North Apollo Borough Office at 724-478-4802 if special assistance is required.

North Apollo Borough Council Meeting ​​​​​​​
Feb 5, 2024, At the North Apollo Borough Building at 6:00 PM

   February 5, 2024 Council meeting

- Pledge of Allegiance
- Roll Call

Don Riggle  ____  /  Ron McMunn ____ / Rocco Ali _____ / Marsha Dufour _____ / ____________________
Mayor Kilgore _____ / Engineer Nathan Guntrum  _____/ Solicitor Jason Kelly ______/ Sec. E. Stitt ______

- Review & approve minutes from Dec. 4 council meeting & Dec. 18 special meeting.
- Engineer’s Report – attached

- Public Works Report 

- Citizen’s Comments


  1. Discuss/act on appointment of Council member to fill vacancy.
  2. Action to confirm Rocco Ali as a signatory on the Borough’s accounts at Apollo Trust.
  3. Discuss/act on appointment of a representative to the KVWPCA Board of Directors.
  4. Discuss the elimination of the Apollo Library donation per Mayor Kilgore.
  5. Action on Ordinance 352 of 2024, restricting parking on Acheson Avenue near the Fire Hall

        Executive Session – for discussion of personnel matters. Possible action to follow.

- Mayor’s ReportReview police report, if submitted.

- Review expenses and financials.
- Zoning Report
if submitted.

      Motion to Adjourn


Council Approved 2017-2018 Meeting Minutes

Download File

Council Approved 2019-2020 Meeting Minutes

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Council Approved 2021-2022 Meeting Minutes

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Council Approved 2023-2024 Meeting Minutes

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